Population 8,110

Vaquerea is famous for its horse breeders and trainers, and is home to the fabled warhorses of Parelor. Intelligent, fearless, and unmatched in battle, the mighty warhorses are the exclusive steeds of the Knights of the Sable March. The citizens of Vaquerea are friendly but proud folk, with an obscene love of bargaining.

Notable Residents

Meghan Lightforge: Dukarn‘s sister and mayor of Vaquerea.
Melchior Omland: Delgren’s best friend and the caretaker of the Temple of Justica in Vaquerea.

Relationship to Heroes

Dukarn‘s family is from Vaquerea and has been important in its governance for many years. His father, Delgren, was mayor for the majority of his life. Since Delgren’s death, the seat of mayor has passed on to Dukarn’s sister Meghan.


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