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Welcome to the World of Aereth.

Our campaign takes place largely in the Northlands of Aereth where many adventures await those with the courage to pursue them. It is currently autumn in the year 3200. The Empire of Crieste is but a shadow of its former glory as it struggles to maintain order within the few baronies that still reside within its territory. The Grand Duchy of Leherti was guided into peril by its foolish rulers and succumbed to the forces of the demonic Scourge of the North. Everywhere whispers of the end of man whimpers from wearied lips and terror is found behind the eyes of children. Evil things have taken up residence in every corner of the Northlands and few exist who can challenge their authority. Rumors say that the fabled Shadow Watch has been defeated by an anonymous existential threat to Aereth.

And yet, not all is lost. Courageous heroes hail from every quarter, eager to take up arms and spells in the defense of civilization. The Knights of the Sable March remain vigilant within the borders of the Criestine Empire as they attempt to protect its people from enemies both foreign and domestic. Dwarven warlords take up their handcrafted axes beside elf knights of the Blackbriar, Corsan, and Anseur. Knights of the Lance ride to the ends of the North, fighting for justice and good. And everywhere, adventurers, refusing to slip silently into the annals of history, fight their way into forgotten ruins and ancient dungeons, returning with untold riches and arcane relics.

It is a time of heroes, when power, riches, and honor can be won by anyone courageous enough to take risks against the threatening darkness.

Home Page

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