Population 341

Located within the borders of the Theocracy of the Lance, this small community is built upon principles of religious pluralism. Its history reaches back to a time when The Empire of Crieste and the Theocracy were undergoing conflict, and local leaders believed that the could establish a community that would serve as an example to those in power.

Grozny is governed by a council of elders that consists of a representative from each major religion that decides to establish itself within the community. Currently, the largest religions are the Temple of the Lance (Worshipers of Aristemis, Justicia, Thormir, and Ghoran), the Threnodim (worshipers of Soleth), the Druidic Circle (worshipers of Ildavir, Poderon, Madrah, Thalass), and the Monks of Hidden Truth (worshipers of Delvyr, Amun Tor, Olidyria). The concentration of so many faiths makes Grozny a destination for many who are searching for religious fulfillment and answers to the question of life.

Notable Residents

Verditus: The wise and firm leader of the Druidic Circle.
Lenim: The fretting cleric who leads the Priests of the Lance. His air of annoyance and irritation makes the council collectively groan when it is his month to chair the meetings.
Kylind: The highly disciplined and pensive leader of the Monks of Hidden Truth.
Pygon: One of the high ranking storytellers of Threnodim who feels that the power of eulogy can guide the dead to their rightful passage into the afterlife.
Corporal Cale: A timid and polite member of the Grozny town guard.
Private Obirt: Corporal Cale’s partner.
Private Rulic: A member of the town guard who was rescued by the heroes when they investigated the hideout of the Broken Knives.

Relationship to Heroes

The heroes first came to Grozny in search of healers that would be able to perform a true resurrection spell to recreate their mortal forms. The council of elders agreed to help them if they could recover the necessary religious artifacts that were stolen from them by a group of bandits known as the Broken Knives. The heroes were able to recover the relics and also foil a plot by a member of the council named Kethos who planned to use the loss of the items to discredit the other religions and consolidate power under his order of fanatics known as the Jovonists.


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